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Infographic: How to Choose The Right CMM for Your Quality Process

Infographic: Why Compromise With Metrology and Quality Assurance?

Achieve Legendary Quality Inspection Results With Our Winning Team

We’ve hand selected the winning team when it comes to Quality Inspection, ensuring that legendary results are achieved for our clients. Take a closer look by watching the video…

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ISO 10360-2 & UKAS Accredited CMM Calibration Services From Status Metrology

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Quality assurance control highly depend on CMMs. Over the last 20 years, they have almost replaced other inspection techniques such as fixtures and gauges. Since CMMs are very flexible, they reduce investment costs and increase inspection throughput.

Nationally and internationally recognised performance standards provide the means for CMM users to rate the calibration services of different providers. These standards are necessary when comparing competing suppliers, to help determine how well they will perform and to check whether they know how to work properly and safely.

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5 Questions To Ask A UKAS Standard Quality Control, Measurement & Inspection Company

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Getting a quality control (QC), measurement and inspection company involved when you have QC bottlenecks or problems with your CMM machines is a smart move. But not all QC subcontractors will be able to offer you the same level of service, nor will they be UKAS certified. When you outsource your CMM inspection process or need the assistance of a specialist QC company, we have some handy questions that will help you evaluate whether or not your potential contractor is right for you. Read More

How Can CMM Measuring & Inspection Services Stop The Bottlenecks In My Inspection Department?


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Engineering firms are competing in a market that forces them to run as efficiently as possible. In many cases this situation can turn into a struggle to complete orders while maintaining quality and delivering on time. CMM measuring can be a source of bottlenecks in the production process, with big orders creating stress and making the whole line grind to a halt.Read More

3 Signs You Should Start Investing In Dimensional Inspection Services

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Quality metrology will help your business to deliver on time, and on spec. Dimensional inspection is an integral part of your quality control (QC) process, but many times it can suffer from the stress of a production spike, or lack of qualified staff. If your company’s work is being rejected by your clients, you are under pressure to issue Certificates of Conformance (CoC), or your CMM inspection process is creating bottlenecks, then it is time to outsource your dimensional inspections.Read More

Why You Need A Certificate Of Conformity For The Product You’re Manufacturing And How To Get One

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Certificates of Conformity (COFC) are an important part of the trust relationship between manufacturer and client. Completing your part inspection process efficiently means COFCs can be issued promptly, and costly bottlenecks avoided. With the right infrastructure in place – and third-party support if necessary – Certificates of Conformity can usually be generated quickly and with minimal expense.

This article is an introduction to what Certificates of Conformity are in manufacturing, when you might need one and how they are beneficial.Read More

How To Prevent Inspection Bottlenecks By Using Sub Contract Measurement Services

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Inspection bottlenecks are the bugbear of many manufacturing businesses, tying up staff resources and causing delays that impact your own and your customer’s targets. To avoid this, businesses spend a lot of valuable time identifying bottlenecks and how they occur. This can usually be done quite quickly and is the easy side of the equation. The challenging part is to correct bottlenecks so they don’t recur.

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Metrology Inspection – Get It Outsourced And Have One Less Problem To Worry About!

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A metrology inspection is one of the main pillars supporting high quality control standards in manufacturing; the others being defect review, classification and analysis. Together, they ensure that every step of the manufacturing process – as well as the end product – are completed to the same reliably high standards. Good metrology inspections make for fulfilled production targets, high productivity and happy customers! There is no denying that getting inspection right requires time, expert knowledge and specialist equipment. This is why an outsourced inspection may be more cost-effective for your business than doing it in-house.Read More