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Pre-Owned CMM Systems

Pre-Owned CMM from Status Metrology

Status supplies and supports a large range of used metrology equipment including pre-owned coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and portable measurement systems.

At Status, we believe that quality drives productivity, which is why we’re the UK’s only official partner of Hexagon MI. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer and technical service. Our high standards are fully backed with a global OEM’s seal of approval.    

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CMM Machines for Sale at Status – Take A Closer Look at the Options!

CMM machine by Status Metrology

Are you currently exploring the option of buying a CMM machine? With Status encompassing 37 years experience and counting, you’ve come to the right place! It’s time for you to take a closer look at what we can offer you…

We’re constantly expanding our range of Coordinate Measurement Machines to keep up with demand, so we can supply you with the latest, high-performance machines, at entry-level prices.

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We Buy Back Your Unused/Unwanted CMMs!

we buy cmms

Do you have an unused or unwanted CMMs following the purchase of a newer machine? If so, why not consider selling it to Status?

Due to the recognition of Status unique offering, we are enjoying strong demand for our high-quality, pre-owned PC-DMIS powered CMM’s. As an independent CMM provider, we understood that without the backing of the global leader, our offering was always going to be somewhat limited.

The exact same principles apply to our customers. Who understand that when it comes to CMM’s it is vital to partner with global leading technology. On the back of this, we’re increasing our efforts to buy back CMMs that we can refurbish and retrofit to fulfil our customer demand.

Take a closer look at the core benefits of selling your CMM equipment to Status…

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Buying a New or Used CMM Machine? It’s Time To Take A Closer Look

Buying a New or Used CMM Machine

Are you currently in the market for a new or used CMM machine? It’s time to take a closer look. Since our inception back in 1982, we’ve enjoyed continued growth and development in the metrology sector. Not only do we supply new and used CMM machines at exceptional prices but we provide the full scope of metrology services. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should take a closer look at Status when you purchase a new or used CMM machine.

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6 Reasons to Sell Your Used or Unwanted CMM Machine to Status

sell your cmm

Have you recently purchased a new CMM machine and no longer need your old machine? Do you no longer have a requirement for a CMM? Status understands that selling a used CMM machine can be extremely difficult, from finding a buyer to getting the machine moved. The good news is that Status are constantly on the lookout for unwanted CMMs that we can buy, refurbish, and give a new lease of life to.

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What is a CMM and what are the benefits of using one?

coordinate measuring machines

A CMM or coordinate measuring machine is a device used to precisely measure and inspect the geometrical characteristics of an object, enabling manufacturers to accurately check that both prototype and production components and assemblies conform to the intended design.

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What Industry 4.0 Means For CMMs

What Industry 4.0 Means For CMMs

Are we in the throes of a fourth industrial revolution[1]? This is the line of argument put forth by proponents of Industry 4.0, a catch all description of how automation and cyber-physical processes are affecting the manufacturing industry.

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Unspoken Benefits Of Upgrading Your CMM Equipment

unspoken benefits of upgrading your cmm equipment.jpg

By their design and functionality, CMMs wear really well. Only their software and electronic capabilities don’t last for years. That’s why CMM upgrade services have become so popular in the few last years; they can restore machine capability to its full performance at a fraction of the cost of investing in a new unit.Read More

A Brief History Of CMM Technology

a brief history of cmm technology.jpg

Coordinate Measurement Machines have an interesting history going back almost 60 years. The modern CMM industry produces over 6,000 new CMMs every year, as well as retrofitting and upgrading tens of thousands more. These CMMs can be Manual, where an operator guides the machine, CNC machines that are driven automatically by a special program. As ubiquitous as CMMs now are in manufacturing, it is hard to imagine a world when quality control was dependent on hand measurements. Read More

5 Reasons To Get A CMM Upgrade

5 reasons to get a cmm upgrade.jpg

Even though CMM equipment is built to last and can serve for 20 or more years in hardware terms, software and controls systems become outdated rapidly as new technology appears nearly every year. The only way to keep your CMM as effective as possible without buying a new one is to have regular upgrades. Read more about the benefits of CMM upgrades below.Read More