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CMM operator training: boost productivity with Status Training Solutions

CMM operator training

Whether you’re in Aerospace, Automotive, Prototyping or a similar manufacturing based industry, efficiency and productivity improvements should always be something you look at if you want your business to continue to grow and remain profitable. Status Training Solutions are able to do just that by equipping your CMM operators with the skills needed to get the most out of your CMM and software.


Discover the path to super fast measurement and inspections which could save your business a fortune.

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The aerospace industry is highly regulated and for good reason. Components have to be manufactured within precise tolerance ranges and because of that there’s absolutely no margin for error.

Sophisticated component measurement and inspection is essential for businesses throughout the entire aerospace supply chain and if you work in the industry you will know that Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM’s) play a vital part in maintaining the high levels of quality and compliance needed to meet regulatory requirements. (more…)

What Is The Best CMM Software?

What Is The Best CMM Software

Even the best coordinate measuring machines can’t perform in an excellent manner unless they are fitted with the proper software. New applications are appearing on the market on a regular basis, making the metrology task easier while improving measuring speed and results.


5 Reasons To Change Or Upgrade Your CMM Software

5 Reasons To Change Or Upgrade Your CMM Software

CMM software has changed the approach to coordinate measurement. The precision, the speed, and the new applications have helped coordinate measuring machines reach a new level of performance accuracy.


A Brief History Of CMM Technology

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Coordinate Measurement Machines have an interesting history going back almost 60 years. The modern CMM industry produces over 6,000 new CMMs every year, as well as retrofitting and upgrading tens of thousands more. These CMMs can be Manual, where an operator guides the machine, CNC machines that are driven automatically by a special program. As ubiquitous as CMMs now are in manufacturing, it is hard to imagine a world when quality control was dependent on hand measurements. (more…)

3 Reasons To Change Or Upgrade Your CMM Software

3 Reasons To Change Or Upgrade Your CMM Software.jpg

First, let’s clarify two terms: upgrade and update. A software upgrade to a new version is usually chargeable. New versions deliver significant new functionality and capabilities over older versions and considerable development effort will have been expended to produce the latest version. (more…)

Understanding & Diagnosing CMM Error Code Issues

Understanding & Diagnosing CMM Error Code Issues-1.jpg

Error codes can appear on a CMM display or are reported by the PC interface for many different reasons, such as emergency, communication faults and stop events. These come in the form of error codes on the LCD and there are dozens of them. The lamp on your machine will blink a number of times, depending on the error and then will stop when everything is cleared. Error codes are numeric and depend on the ability to recover without a power restart and the overall severity of an error. Below we will go through the most common groups of errors and how you can use our Status Metrology App to identify and resolve them. (more…)

How To Manipulate And Save Screen Layouts

How To Save The Window Layout

toolbars  dropdown menu.png

In the main menu tab select the “view” tab and go down to “Toolbars”, this will open up a drop down menu with numerous toolbars available to add to the top ribbon. These are the toolbars that we use the most and think are most useful. (more…)

How To Change Your Report To Text Only

When viewing the report it is possible to change it from the standard view with colour into a text only format. This is useful as it helps to save paper and ink when printing long or multiple reports.

To change the report to text only simply right click on the report around the border within the hatched marking and select “edit object” (more…)

PC-DMIS 2014 Quick Measure Toolbar

Canadian Measurement – Metrology shows how the new Quick Measure toolbar can clean up your layout and make your programming more efficient. Easily combine 12 toolbars into one with the brand new “Quick Measure” toolbar.