Buying a Used CMM… Auction vs CMM Dealer

Equipment sold under the hammer often goes for unbelievably low prices. But it’s a case of buyer beware at auctions: A simple glance can’t tell you if the used CMM is going to be anywhere near up to scratch when you plug it in – and if it doesn’t work, lost time and revenue can mean losing thousands of pounds.

The dealer versus auction price gap is, initially, an eye opener for anyone. But remember: Sale price isn’t the final figure. On top of purchase costs, a buyer usually needs to pay for removal of equipment and shipment to their site, re-commissioning and re-calibration and an operator training course. Once you’ve added in the 10-15% buyer’s premium, a machine bought at auction can easily cost double that amount by the time it is installed and ready for work.

If a buyer hasn’t seen the CMM in operation, how can they tell if everything functions correctly? Does all the probing equipment work? Are the PC and CMM software obsolete? Is the CMM controller and hand-box still supportable? These are serious questions: The cost of getting a machine upgraded can be anything from a further £1,000 to £10,000 upwards. Buyers should never commit to a machine they haven’t seen working, or researched the support options beforehand. And with ‘what you see is what you get’ auctions, hidden costs can skyrocket the overall price of a machine which comes with no warranties or guarantees.

A Dealer can offer everything above in one package for less. When there are no hidden costs and warranties and guarantees are in place buyers can be confident in the product they are getting from the beginning.

When purchasing from a dealer, with trained staff, accredited quality systems and a pedigree of clients, a buyer is safe. They can also get consultation on the most beneficial solutions for their needs, product demonstrations and purchase refurbished – and guaranteed – CMM equipment, software and training.

To summarise, a CMM Dealer will give long term support, securing a buyer’s investment, as well as offering purchasing options. In short – a CMM dealer will always be able to offer more than an auction and has the most important ally on his side: choice. Why buy a used CMM because it’s going (seemingly) cheap, when for a similar price you can choose a CMM for the job you need?

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