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A Huge Range of CMM Software Options to Consider. One Real Choice.

A Huge Range of CMM Software Options to Consider. One Real Choice.

When it comes to metrology, choosing the right software to accompany your CMM is a choice that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even the best coordinate measuring machines can’t perform in an excellent manner unless they are fitted with the correct software.

The right software can make or break the success of your quality department. However, due to the huge range of CMM software options available, navigating through and finding the best one for your business can be a minefield. Our internal metrology experts at Status aim to make the choice easy…

The market

New applications are appearing on the market on a regular basis, making the metrology task easier while improving measuring speed and results. Status has a broad knowledge of the key players such as M-COSMOS, CAMIO, Aberlink 3d, and Modus to name a few. However, from our extensive experience in the industry and after completing thousands of CMM retrofits, there’s really only ONE real choice.

Introducing PC-DMIS

If you’re unfamiliar with PC-DMIS, it is the world’s leading CMM measurement software, with over 80,000 users currently registered worldwide. Supporting systems from CMMs to portable measuring arms and laser trackers, PC-DMIS is a measurement software solution for metrology professionals and shop-floor operators.

Thanks to our long-standing, 20-year plus, partnership with industry-leaders Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, we were introduced many years ago to PC-DMIS. Our experts, customers and tens of thousands across the world believe this is the very best solution there is – for new machines, retrofits and upgrades.There a number of PC-DMIS package options currently available, including PC-DMIS Pro, CAD, CAD++ and Professional Probing. No matter your industry, the size of your business or the size of the parts you’re inspecting, PC-DMIS caters to all.

Here’s just a few reasons why we continue to recommend PC-DMIS CMM software and won’t use anything else for our upgrades and retrofits…

Exceptional tools and features

PC-DMIS CMM software contains a whole host of useful tools and features that drastically reduce measurement program times, boost efficiency and slash costs. Some of the software’s most useful tools and features currently include:

IP Measure or Path Optimisation: This feature rearranges your measurement routines in the most efficient way to speed up your programs and taking the best route.

Calibration Collision Avoidance: Allows you to attend to other tasks during the calibration process by minimising the chance of collisions. The software does this by using clever algorithms to automatically find safe moves needed to avoid them.

Selection and Capture: Automatically transfers GD&T data from 2D ‘blueprints’ into your measurement routines to save the user time and effort as well as reducing human error. You’ll never have to manually input GD&T data again!

Constructed Feature Dialog with a host of new functionality: This not only increases ease of use with an updated, consistent interface, it also adds new functionality that allows users to more easily extract features from a point cloud. These features include surface points, planes, and circles without the need to load a laser probe.

Laser Scan Profiles: Offers a one-click method to apply a set of real-time pre-configured laser scan settings, saving the operator time as they no longer have to manually change settings when scanning different types of parts.

Regular maintenance

Aside from the incredible impact PC-DMIS can have on a businesses quality department and bottom line, it’s regularly updated and maintained by Hexagon. This is one of the reasons the software is always at the cutting-edge of the industry with Hexagon releasing dozens of new updates each and every year. The updates focus on improving existing features and they also often release new features.

The latest release was PC-DMIS 2021.2. In this release, Hexagon focussed its updates and features on high-speed laser and non-contact sensor technology in addition to increased automation tools for path creation. One of the many highlights from the release is the new UniScan command which allows manufacturers to simplify program creation by providing an automated path generation solution. This command eliminates the need for considering which tip angles to use or having to manually scan paths, resulting in huge time savings!


PC-DMIS is officially certified by Germany’s National Metrology Institute, PTB, (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt).

This means that the software’s ability to accurately measure straight lines, planes, circles, cylinders, spheres and cones have all been tested and calculated using the Gaussian theory – method of least squares.


Last but not least, the team at Status is able to provide industry-recognised PC-DMIS training courses for businesses and individuals. Our courses are aimed at either complete beginners that have never used the software before to more advanced users looking to get more out of the software and learn a few new tips and tricks. Training can be arranged to suit work schedules and can be held on-site at the user’s premises or in-house at Status Metrology. For individuals looking to further their metrology career or break into the industry, we’re holding our next private training session on 31st January 2022 for 5 days finishing up on the 4th of Feb. Book your place now while spots last by emailing or by completing your details here:

Ready to take a closer look at your CMM software?

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