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A Closer Look At CMM Retrofitting


It’s estimated that upwards of 150,000 CMM’s are in active service across the globe and many of these will be 10 years old or more. While the structure of the CMM has changed very little in the last 50 years, the software and technology have both come a long way and continue to evolve at a rapid pace. When a machine’s software and technology such as become outdated, performance suffers and deadlines are missed – resulting in unhappy clients, quality standards not being met and decreased profitability.

The most effective way to resolve this and have your machine working at optimal performance again is CMM retrofitting.

What is CMM Retrofitting?

CMM retrofitting is the process of completely replacing the technology (CNC Controller and Software) on a CMM. A retrofit can sometimes also involve the rewiring of a machine and replacing the measuring scales. A retrofit will transform and future-proof your under-performing machine into a dependable, fully operable, easy-to-use asset for your business that will meet and exceed expectations.

Retrofitting Vs Replacing a Machine

When a CMM is beginning to struggle to meet demand and/or quality, the first thing that comes to mind for most manufacturing businesses will be to source a replacement machine. The cost of this and the disruption it could cause with logistics of machine transportation are significant. However, with a retrofit, you don’t need to worry about machine relocation as it can all be done onsite. As well as this, the cost difference of investing in CMM retrofitting rather than buying a new or even used machine is huge. As a general rule of thumb, you can usually save upwards of 50% when choosing to retrofit your existing CMM rather than purchasing new, but this all depends on the age, size, and condition of the CMM you want retrofitting.

Why Choose Status for CMM Retrofitting?

We have been established for almost 40 years and have been the official UK Technical Service Partner to Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence for over 20 of those years. Being an established Hexagon partner means that we work with metrology products that are at the cutting-edge of the industry. These include:

Controllers: The RC Line Controller range – robust, reliable and fully future-proofed. RC Line controllers can work with all makes and models of CMM’s and their tremendous processing power enables them to keep up with constantly changing inspection demands.

Software: Hexagon’s own, PC-DMIS. When it comes to CMM software it really doesn’t get any better than this. PC-DMIS is updated regularly and outperforms all its major competitors in flexibility, functionality and price. Its path optimiser tool alone is worth the investment. You can find out more about path optimiser here.

Finally, we’re able to provide a turnkey retrofitting solution. This includes the latest version of PC-DMIS, five-axis controllers, a wide range of probe sensors and full training. Every retrofit is bespoke to you and the goals of your business and is supported by our ISO 9001 accredited quality systems.

Time to take a closer look?

Are you ready to take a closer look when it comes to your inspection processes? Status provides the complete range of metrology solutions covering machines, software, training and services. To enquire about any of our solutions or to find out more about retrofitting with us, simply call our experts on 0115 939 2228, email or complete our contact form.