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6 Benefits of Metrology Software Training

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Metrology software is a core component of a CMM machine and inspection department and the proper use of it is not only essential in ensuring the correctness of parts produced but knowing certain tips and tricks can have a drastic impact on throughput and productivity. A crucial differentiator in the highly competitive manufacturing landscape, no matter what sector you operate in.

Let’s take a look at 6 of the main benefits of metrology software training to equip your CMM operators with the skills needed to get the most out of your CMM and software (PC-DMIS in particular).

Guidance from the experts

Status training courses are delivered at our exceptional training facilities at our HQ or can be delivered by our expert training team at your premises. No matter where your training is delivered, your CMM operators will get support and guidance from the experts who understand the challenges of learning to get the most out of PC-DMIS software. Having that expert guidance on hand from a qualified professional is invaluable.

Stay updated with changing software

Metrology software is updated constantly, particularly PC-DMIS which gets new releases and updates by Hexagon MI multiple times each year. The updates focus on improving existing features and they also often release new features to ensure that the software remains at the cutting-edge of the metrology industry.

They say learning is a continual process, and if you’re a seasoned metrology software user you’ll know this well! Considering the regularity of software updates, each time an update is released it presents manufacturers with additional opportunities to improve their quality process and overall productivity. Operators should therefore be trained at least once a year on these new features and opportunities to benefit from them.

Tailor knowledge and skills

At our on-site training facilities, we have plenty of sample parts available for training but operators are also able to bring their own parts which would be more useful as this would be more representative of what they’re actually working on. We’re also happy to tailor your metrology training even further by delivering the course at your premises.

Problem-solve with others

Are there any software functionalities you’re struggling with? Are there any application obstacles you’re not sure how to overcome? If you’ve ever visited a metrology software forum such as the PC-DMIS one, you will know that using metrology software often raises several questions. Metrology software training courses allow operators to draw from the experience and creativity of other learners together in one place.

Build on strengths

In 2016, Gallup completed a study of many organisations that implemented management practices focused on encouraging employees’ strengths (as opposed to focusing on improving weaknesses). One of these practices was ‘strengths-based developmental coaching’. On average, businesses that implemented these practices saw incredible benefits, including 14-29% increase in profit and 9-15% increase in engaged employees.

See your blind spots

With so much flexibility in metrology software, particularly in PC-DMIS software, your CMM operators may not know the different features of the software such as “Path Optimizer” which offers improvement in many areas, including greater efficiency and productivity. Everyone has blind spots and it’s in training environments where these are often brought to the fore, allowing trainees to uncover new opportunities they may not have known about.

Take a closer look at PC-DMIS software training with Status

Status Training Solutions is our specialist training department with a mission to help manufacturing businesses and CMM operators realise the full potential of their CMM. We have a range of courses available for complete beginner’s and for more advanced users and we also offer bespoke private training. Find out more about our courses and book your spot: