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5 Reasons To Get A CMM Upgrade

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Even though CMM equipment is built to last and can serve for 20 or more years in hardware terms, software and controls systems become outdated rapidly as new technology appears nearly every year. The only way to keep your CMM as effective as possible without buying a new one is to have regular upgrades. Read more about the benefits of CMM upgrades below.

1) Stay On Top Of Emerging Technology

Software is the most common CMM retrofit upgrade. New software packages have a better interface capability with a wider range of controllers. It can display results using virtual simulation and graphics and read CAD files.

Newer software ensures you stay ahead of the curve of new manufacturing standards and regulations. Developers who incorporate new revisions into their CMMs, ensure compliance with laws and codes.

2) Get Easier Maintenance

The performance of a CMM depends to a certain extent on the capability of the controller. Controllers that are over 10 years old become more prone to calibration errors and require replacement. Don’t wait for a critical error to occur, or else your machine can be down for several weeks until you find a new controller. It’s easier to upgrade it when your machine is still operational.

The main benefit of upgrading the controller is easier maintenance and simplified electronics. It gives you a freedom of movement around your CMM. Moreover, older controllers don’t support the latest probing solutions, thus a controller upgrade is beneficial. Give your CMM a completely new life with a controller retrofit.

3) Improve The Performance Of Your Machine

The overall performance of your CMM is defined by its drive system and motors. They are affected by mechanical wear and tear, which results in lower throughput. Characteristics of your machine can be improved by upgrading or overhauling its drive system.

4) Embrace The Latest Probe Technologies

A basic touch trigger probe system is installed in most CMMs. By upgrading the probe you can access advanced solutions, such as 3D laser scanners and scanning probes. Moreover, a newer probe gives you more measurement information, ensuring better control of the manufacturing process.

5) Ensure The Highest Level Of Accuracy

The traditional technology of scale systems uses light that reflects off or passes through a glass scale. It’s implemented in the majority of older CMMs. Today, technology lets you use better scale systems that provide a higher level of accuracy. Unlike older systems, they don’t limit the speed of the machine.

Upgrading the scale system is easy, as a modern scale system will fit almost any CMM. It significantly extends the life and serviceability of your machine by many years.

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