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5 Reasons To Change Or Upgrade Your CMM Software

5 Reasons To Change Or Upgrade Your CMM Software

CMM software has changed the approach to coordinate measurement. The precision, the speed, and the new applications have helped coordinate measuring machines reach a new level of performance accuracy.

There are many different versions of CMM software to suit specific manufacturing environments. As the technology speeds forward, the software changes. Today, you can minimise the manual measuring approach while being 100% sure of the results.

If you are thinking about changing or upgrading your CMM software, these reasons can help you make the right decision.

1) You Can Keep Your Old Machine

The best part about upgrading your software is the cost-efficiency. Instead of purchasing a new coordinate measuring machine, you can buy a new version of the software, as modern software is compatible with most types and models of CMM. The costs of new software and new CMM hardware are incomparable.

At Status Metrology, we can upgrade your old CMM software to suit changing business needs. A software upgrade is quick and doesn’t require moving the machine out of your facility.

2) The Old Version Is Outdated

If you have an old machine with outdated software, you can start experiencing unexplainable malfunctions. When the software doesn’t have adequate support, you can’t handle the errors and breakdowns.

Software changes on a regular basis. Whatever you had installed 5 years ago may be as outdated as floppy discs. The company which produced the program may stop supporting it due to its age and uselessness. As a result, you can’t take advantage of upgrades and manufacturer support should something go wrong.

Sometimes, it’s as easy to get a new version as depend on manufacturer updates for your old one.

3) New Functions Are What You Need

Updating old software can keep it functioning properly for years. These will overcome bugs and glitches but is unlikely to add up to date features, which keep appearing in the metrology industry. Taking advantage of the new generation of metrology software can revolutionise your production process.

PC-DMIS by Hexagon is an extremely useful software package, which works on a wide range of coordinate measuring machines. It’s available in different variations to suit numerous manufacturing environments. It has new functions which you won’t find in your old software kit.

4) Your Hardware Need To Be Retrofitted

Upgrading your software is one of the core components of CMM retrofitting. If you have a retrofitting process planned, the technicians will upgrade your software.

At Status Metrology, we can help you cut costs by offering excellent retrofitting options. We can upgrade or install new software to keep your machines functioning efficiently for years to come.

5) Your Production Line Is Not Working Efficiently

What you thought was efficiency a couple of years ago may be considered outdated today. The latest, CMM applications come with features that facilitate a more integrated and responsive production line.

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Discovering the latest improvements in the CMM software sector and taking advantage of the innovations can put your production line ahead of the competition.

At Status Metrology, we are always glad to advise you about software changes and upgrades. For more information about CMM software and PC-DMIS in particular, please download our free Buyer’s Guide To PC-DMIS.

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