3 Signs You Should Start Investing In Dimensional Inspection Services

3 Signs You Should Start Investing In Dimensional Inspection Services.jpg

Quality metrology will help your business to deliver on time, and on spec. Dimensional inspection is an integral part of your quality control (QC) process, but many times it can suffer from the stress of a production spike, or lack of qualified staff. If your company’s work is being rejected by your clients, you are under pressure to issue Certificates of Conformance (CoC), or your CMM inspection process is creating bottlenecks, then it is time to outsource your dimensional inspections.

Well performed dimensional inspections allow your company to know that what you are producing lives up to the agreed specs. By using a CMM machine, you are able to take extremely precise measurements of a 3 dimensional object, and create data that shows its compliance to contractual specification. A well-qualified CMM machine operator will be able to perform QC inspections quickly, without having any problems that can arise from lack of experience.

At Status Metrology we can help you find solutions for your dimensional inspection needs, no matter what might be holding up your QC process. We offer custom inspection solutions for engineering firms that can make your QC headaches a thing of the past.

We have decades of CMM experience, and highly trained CMM machine operators on-staff. When you find yourself in any of the situations listed below, then it would be wise to give us a call.

1) You Need Certified Quality

When you accept contracts to produce high quality parts with exacting tolerances, there is a good chance that your client will want the work to be certified. There are a few international standards that may apply to your work, and doing the CMM inspection yourself may not be possible for reasons of time or cost.

If you are manufacturing new parts and you don’t have enough CMM equipment in-house to perform the necessary evaluations to get the data you need for a CoC, outsourcing the work to Status Metrology makes a lot of sense. Setting up new CMM machines and training staff will just add to the burden of a new production run. This will end up hurting you in the long run, with the potential of poorly checked parts being delivered due to inexperienced staff operating new CMM machines.

Bringing in a company that specialises in CMM dimensional inspection can let you issue the CoCs that you need in a timely manner, without huge up-front costs. Status Metrology maintains both ISO and UKAS certifications, so if your client needs to see a Certificate of Conformance, we can help get your operation up to speed in a hurry.

2) High Return Rate

No one wants to deal with a manufacturer that promises one thing and delivers another. When a client returns parts because they were out of spec, it is bad for everyone. When your company sees an increase in returned parts, it’s time to outsource your dimensional inspection.

Your parts can be out of spec for any number of reasons. Until you begin to investigate the problem, you will never get any closer to a solution. If your company gets a reputation for shoddy workmanship, or ignoring specifications, your revenue will suffer in the long run.

While improving your existing CMM division and training staff may be an option for the medium-term, attempting to do it in a hurry is a bad idea. Status Metrology can bridge the gap with our highly qualified CMM machine operators, and we have lots of experience doing reliable CMM based QC inspections at short notice.

3) Bottleneck At QC Stage

If the QC phase of production is a source of delays and headaches, you should contact a dimensional inspection service provider right away. There can be many reasons for a bottleneck in your production line, but resolving it quickly is imperative.

In many cases a company will lack the CMM machines and staff to accommodate a production spike or seasonal rush. The end result is stressed out employees and the potential for serious oversights. Outsourcing your CMM inspections to a company like us can eliminate the need to overly rely on overtime, with all of the QC work being done by experienced CMM operators.

Status Metrology gives you the ability to scale up your CMM inspection process to accommodate higher production volumes, without having to invest in new CMM machines. We make sure that your facility will be able to concentrate on production, and not have to stress out about an inspection backlog.

Outsource To Professionals

Outsourcing your CMM inspection work to Status will give you access to some of the best CMM equipment and qualified metrologists available, without the investment that a dedicated QC division would cost you to create.

At Status Metrology we are happy to talk to you about your needs, and show you how we can create lasting value for your company.

We can offer you some of the best CMM machines available, or bring in CMM machines with highly experienced technicians to operate them. Regardless of the best outsourcing solution for your situation, we can help you find it. Please give us a call on 0 115 939 2228 or contact us online.

You can find out more about how to streamline your inspection process in our guide to How to Avoid CMM Inspection Bottlenecks. Download your copy for free today by clicking here.