3 Of The Best Advantages Of Sub Contract CMM Reverse Engineering Services

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Using CMM measuring equipment to reverse engineer parts is a great use for CMM technology. But there is an art to reverse engineering, and it’s easy to waste valuable time and money. By subcontracting you’re reverse engineering needs to an experienced firm like Status Metrology, your company will realise some advantages that can create value, and avoid snags.

Status Metrology offers reverse engineering services, and we use some of the best CMM machinery available in the UK to do it. We have been working with clients to create highly accurate reverse engineering data for decades, so let us show you some of the advantages that you can realise when you work with us.

Advantage 1: Experienced Reverse Engineers

Reverse engineering is more than operating a CMM machine to create measurements. When we reverse engineer products we have a range of tools that we can use to create computer models which can then be checked by our CMM inspection machines. Our staff have reverse engineered varied parts over the years, and this gives us a way to create data that we know the value of.

Many times when your quality control department is tasked to reverse engineer parts, they are going to be doing a job that isn’t their specialty. There are a few things that can happen as a result of this, and none of them are good. Oversights are possible, but what is more likely is a lot of extra time spent on the project. It is common for a manager to think that doing work in-house will always be cheaper, but many times it isn’t.

Advantage 2: Your Staff Is Available

When you task your staff to do reverse engineering work, it means that they aren’t going to be doing what you hired them to do. Reverse engineering can be a slow and involved process that benefits from experience. Unless your business specialises in reverse engineering, there is a good chance that you are wasting labour by doing it in-house.

When you subcontract your reverse engineering to a company like Status Metrology, you can be sure that the job is getting done right. Your employees will be working on what you hired them to do, and our experienced reverse engineers will deliver quality data. When you add up how much you can spend in wages, the price of outsourced reverse engineering looks inexpensive.

Advantage 3: Improve Your ROI

Outsourced reverse engineering will allow you to improve your ROI by giving you a fixed cost for job. When you assign your staff to do CMM based reverse engineering, the costs that are involved can be difficult to assess or plan for. When you outsource reverse engineering to a company like Status Metrology, you can be sure of what you are paying, and that the work will be done correctly.

In addition to knowing your costs, we can offer you a firm timetable for completed projects. When you task your existing staff to reverse engineer data, they may be called off to do something more urgent at any time. This can lead to delays, or distractions that may compromise the quality of the data created. When your company outsources the work to a specialist, the reverse engineering will come first, and be done to an extremely high standard.

A Specialist Company

Using a company that specialises in reverse engineering will create additional value for you. We have a host of advanced measuring equipment, and a long track record of working with CMM inspection equipment. Status Metrology has been doing CMM inspections and reverse engineering for decades, so we can give you all the benefit of our experience.

CMM reverse engineering can be outsourced easily, so that your team can focus on its core mission. If you have any questions about how we can help you with reverse engineering, please give us a call on 0115 939 2228, or have a look at our website.

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