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Infographic: 10 PC-DMIS Features You Should Be Using

PC-DMIS is the world’s leading CMM inspection software solution, enabling businesses to increase productivity with their measurements and inspections. With that being said, many PC-DMIS users across the world don’t benefit from the full potential of the software and simply aren’t aware of some of the incredible features on offer. For that reason, our PC-DMIS experts have put together this infographic detailing 10 of the software’s best features you need to start using.



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Text from the infographic…

Path Optimizer: enables you to measure more parts, quicker. It does this by rearranging features as optimally as possible to create the most efficient measurement path, speeding up measurement programmes significantly.

MSE User-Defined Feature Widget: streamlines processes by giving the flexibility to define your own parameters prior to measuring, saving time.

QuickFeature/Auto Feature Creation: create Auto Features easier without using menu options or dialog boxes with a single click on a CAD model.

GD&T Selection From Capture: uses advanced OCR technology that takes scanned 2D blueprints and imports the GD&T data from it directly into your measurement programmes, meaning you’ll never have to manually input the data again!

Change Manager: enables you to ensure that inspection routines created from previously imported InspectionPlan or CAD models are updated to the latest revision.

Calibration Collision Avoidance: Allows you to attend to other tasks during the calibration process by minimising the chance of collisions. The software does this by using clever algorithms to automatically find safe moves needed to avoid them.

Point Cloud Noise Reduction Filter: gives greater control by being able to add a noise filter and adjust the level of the filter using a sliding bar. Points that outline the global cloud are automatically removed, saving you time and effort over deleting them manually.

Protect: allows you to control access on each and every measurement routine being run, while also recording all changes that are made – ensuring metrology operations remain consistent and adhere to stringent quality standards.

Adaptive Scanning: uses expert knowledge from within the system based on known inputs to calculate optimal scan speed, point density and offset force parameters that affect accuracy and throughput.

Laser Scan Profiles: provides a one-click method of applying real-time pre-configured laser scan settings, saving you time from having to change them manually.

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