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Buying a New or Used CMM Machine? It’s Time To Take A Closer Look

Buying a New or Used CMM Machine

Are you currently in the market for a new or used CMM machine? It’s time to take a closer look. Since our inception back in 1982, we’ve enjoyed continued growth and development in the metrology sector. Not only do we supply new and used CMM machines at exceptional prices but we provide the full scope of metrology services. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should take a closer look at Status when you purchase a new or used CMM machine.

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There Has Never Been A Better Time To Take Advantage Of PC-DMIS!

pc dmis offers

The world’s most popular CMM software, PC-DMIS, has just launched two incredible limited time offers that could save you thousands of pounds.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s happening and how YOU can take advantage of the market-leading CMM software solution…

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What Does CMM Servicing & Maintenance Include?

cmm service and maintenance

For manufacturers working to extremely high-quality standards, such as those in the aerospace, medical and automotive industries the continued use of a CMM machine at optimum performance is critical. Downtime and underperformance of the machine can result in delayed production, unsatisfied customers, failure to meet quality requirements and potentially huge losses. To help ensure a CMM continues to operate at a high standard and to avoid any inspection bottlenecks, regular maintenance, calibration and servicing should be carried out. So, what does CMM servicing and maintenance include?

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PC-DMIS R1 2019 – New features and why you need to take a closer look at your existing CMM software

Earlier this year, our strategic partners, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, rolled out a new update to its leading CMM software, PC-DMIS. The latest release, PC-DMIS R1 2019, further expands and evolves the software, offering workflow, performance and user experience improvements. In this article, we look at the core new features and tools available in the latest update to PC-DMIS and why your business needs it…

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6 Reasons to Sell Your Used or Unwanted CMM Machine to Status

sell your cmm

Have you recently purchased a new CMM machine and no longer need your old machine? Do you no longer have a requirement for a CMM? Status understands that selling a used CMM machine can be extremely difficult, from finding a buyer to getting the machine moved. The good news is that Status are constantly on the lookout for unwanted CMMs that we can buy, refurbish, and give a new lease of life to.

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CMM operator training: boost productivity with Status Training Solutions

CMM operator training

Whether you’re in Aerospace, Automotive, Prototyping or a similar manufacturing based industry, efficiency and productivity improvements should always be something you look at if you want your business to continue to grow and remain profitable. Status Training Solutions are able to do just that by equipping your CMM operators with the skills needed to get the most out of your CMM and software.

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What is a CMM and what are the benefits of using one?

status cmm (1)

A CMM or coordinate measuring machine is a device used to precisely measure and inspect the geometrical characteristics of an object, enabling manufacturers to accurately check that both prototype and production components and assemblies conform to the intended design.

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Status joins forces with the Midlands Aerospace Alliance

status maa membership

Status is excited to announce its recent membership with the Midlands Aerospace Alliance. This news underpins the company’s commitment to further develop its specialist aerospace division and continue its growth within the sector.

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Discover the path to super fast measurement and inspections which could save your business a fortune.

aerospace measurement (1)

The aerospace industry is highly regulated and for good reason. Components have to be manufactured within precise tolerance ranges and because of that there’s absolutely no margin for error.

Sophisticated component measurement and inspection is essential for businesses throughout the entire aerospace supply chain and if you work in the industry you will know that Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM’s) play a vital part in maintaining the high levels of quality and compliance needed to meet regulatory requirements.Read More

The CMM Calibration Procedure Explained

The CMM Calibration Procedure Explained

Keeping your CMM machine calibrated regularly will ensure that the measurement data that you create is accurate. The definitive procedure for calibration of CMMs which is used by all CMM manufacturers is the ISO 10360 series. Most CMM machine calibration will be accomplished with the use of an artefact, but for more demanding calibration, a laser interferometer can be employed. Ultimately CMM machine calibration comes down to one thing: precision.

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