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Get More Out of PC-DMIS with Hexagon’s SMA Webinar Series

hexagon sma webinar series

PC-DMIS is the ultimate CMM software solution, transforming the productivity of tens of thousands of inspection departments across the globe – created by our long-term partners at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

As proud partners with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Status is able to bring PC-DMIS to its customers through our retrofitted CMMs and through software installations. If your business is currently taking advantage of PC-DMIS measurement software but you’d like to get even more out of it then look out for Hexagon’s upcoming SMA Webinar Series.

We take a closer look at the series below…

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UPDATED: The Guide to CMM Retrofitting

retrofitting guide

We’ve just updated our FREE Guide to CMM Retrofitting.

Fortunately for businesses that invest in CMM equipment, CMM hardware is built to last. Though the initial cost of investment in a new or refurbished machine may be high, the actual structure of the machine is pretty durable, giving decades of use and a great ROI with the right maintenance.

However, in many ways CMM technology is advancing rapidly. Just over the past few years we have seen huge changes in inspection techniques, production methodologies and operator skill sets to name but a few. Plus advancements in software, probing equipment and electronic controllers.

Retrofitting involves selectively replacing and modernising key equipment to improve a CMM’s accuracy and productivity, while leaving the structural components intact.

In the guide we cover:

  • Why Retrofit?
  • Advantages of Retrofitting?
  • Latest Generation Components
  • PC-DMIS Metrology Software

And much more.

Download your FREE copy here.

PC-DMIS 2021.1 is Here!

pc-dmis 2021.1

Our partners at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence have very recently launched the latest PC-DMIS software release in the form of PC-DMIS 2021.1. PC-DMIS is the market leader in CMM software – transforming inspection capabilities.

Here, the Status team takes a closer look at the latest PC-DMIS release and breaks down some of the new features, including the ability to manage assets using the new SFx App, an improved Summary Mode and integration with a number of metrology sensors.

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The Smart Future of Manufacturing

the smart future of manufacturing

What does the smart future of manufacturing look like? It’s certainly a major discussion point in the industry and it all centres around technology and data. Taking advantage of it in the right ways can have an exceptional impact on manufacturing productivity and as a result, your bottom line.

The starting point for smart manufacturing or industry 4.0 if you will is of course data. Data must be used in intelligent ways by manufacturers to help productivity, enhance products and drive sustainability. However, it’s important to consider that not all data is created equal and it’s not always stored.

In this article, the Status team takes a closer look at smart manufacturing and digital transformation, including three key ways that data can be integrated into the process better and used more intelligently.

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A Closer Look at First Article Inspection

first article inspection

First Article Inspection or FAI for short, is a method of examining and testing products near the beginning of production. It’s used to verify the products produced will meet customer requirements as well as industry and quality guidelines and standards. FAI is heavily used in environments where stringent quality inspection is a must and specific procedures must be followed – such as aerospace, medical and automotive. During FAI, a quality professional such as a CMM machine operator will inspect the product, comparing measurements and dimensions with those specified by the customer and in the design. It’s often needed for PPAP approval also.

Let’s take a closer look at the FAI process…

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We’re Hiring: CMM Retrofit & Technical Support Manager

CMM Retrofit & Technical Support Manager (1)

*CMM – Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine

We are synonymous with the retrofit, supply, service and calibration of high precision Co-Ordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs). Our UK offices are located on the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border. At Status, we value our people and understand their importance, which has enabled us to successfully trade for 30 years and establish an enviable customer portfolio working within a broad range of engineering disciplines.

To assist with the growth of the business we are now looking to expand our busy and dynamic operations team with a highly skilled and driven CMM Retrofit and Technical support manager.

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Understanding CMM Accuracy Statements

Understanding CMM Accuracy Statements

Since 1994, the ISO 10360 “Acceptance and re-verification Tests for Coordinate Measuring Machines” has been in force. This standard describes the procedures to verify the performance of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM’s). Before purchasing a CMM, it’s crucial to get familiar with the basics of this standard. You can find out more about this ISO standard and CMM performance testing in our infographic below.

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Hexagon Calibration

hexagon calibration

Hexagon MI’s range of CMM machines and portable arms are exceptional. They’re equipped with industry-leading software and technology, enabling them to perform to high standards for years to come. However, with regular use, structural changes or functional changes, both CMM machines and portable arms will lose accuracy, resulting in standards not being met. This is when Hexagon CMM calibration is needed. Calibration is the process of restoring a machine that doesn’t meet the stated specifications to the required standards so that it can perform optimally again.

As Hexagon’s UK technical service partner and with almost 40 years in business, it’s safe to say that we’ve calibrated our fair share of CMM’s – from huge Global machines to smaller Absolute Arms and more. Here, we take a closer look at some important Hexagon calibration considerations…

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Infographic: A Closer Look at ISO 10360 and CMM Performance Testing

Our New & Improved PC-DMIS Buyer’s Guide Is Here!

pc-dmis updated guide

For the company that wants to save time, reduce costs, increase productivity and have greater control over their measurements, there really is no better CMM software solution on the market than PC-DMIS. As proud partners with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Status is able to bring PC-DMIS to its customers through our retrofitted CMMs and through software installations.

We recently published an article on software maintenance and how PC-DMIS is kept at the cutting-edge of the metrology industry thanks to regular updates and new features being added from Hexagon with each release. You can read the article here.

For those still on the fence about investing in PC-DMIS, we wanted to refresh and update our FREE Buyer’s Guide.

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