PC-DMIS CMM Software Is PTB Certified

pc dmis ptb certified

PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) is Germany’s National Metrology Institute. Much like an international version of NPL, PTB conducts numerical accuracy of algorithms for computing. The institute stands for progress and reliability in metrology for the benefit of society, trade and industry, and science.

Many of our customers are unaware that the world’s leading CMM software solution, PC-DMIS, is certified by the PTB. This means that the software’s ability to accurately measure straight lines, planes, circles, cylinders, spheres and cones have all been tested and calculated using the Gaussian theory – method of least squares.

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Styli Ball Cleaning: Ensuring Consistency With Your CMM Inspection Results

Achieving consistent measurement and inspection results time and again is a must for many of our clients who invest in a CMM machine. Several factors can affect inspection accuracy and one of the easiest ones to rectify is the styli ball.

Often, simply due to regular use, the styli ball on a CMM will suffer from build up of dirt, contaminants and debris (examples in the images below).

styli ball cleaning

If this is not cleaned away regularly and thoroughly then inspection accuracy will drop, resulting in inconsistent measurement results and potentially failing to meet quality standards. As well as this, adhesive and abrasive wear can affect a styli’s performance, these will both result in permanent changes to the ball’s composition and can’t be rectified. In this instance, a replacement styli is required.

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10 PC-DMIS Features You Should Be Using

PC-DMIS is the world’s leading CMM inspection software solution, enabling businesses to increase productivity with their measurements and inspections. With that being said, many PC-DMIS users across the world don’t benefit from the full potential of the software and simply aren’t aware of some of the incredible features on offer. For that reason, our PC-DMIS experts have put together this infographic detailing 10 of the software’s best features you need to start using.

best pc dmis features

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PC-DMIS 2020 R1 Is Here! What’s New?

pc dmis 2020 r1

PC-DMIS is the ultimate CMM inspection software solution, perfect for companies needing to save time, reduce costs, increase productivity and have greater control over their measurements. At Status, we bring PC-DMIS to our customers through our retrofitting services and CMM sales.

Earlier this month, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, our exclusive Technical Services partner, launched PC-DMIS 2020 R1 – the latest edition of the world’s most popular measurement software. Of course, a new release brings with it new benefits, capabilities and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new features…

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CMM Measurement, Support and Offline Programming now with 25% off and a free collection/delivery service

Due to these unprecedented times, if your inspection department is in anyway disrupted, Status are on hand to support you.

Status Metrology delivering metrology solutions

This time last year, when the majority of annual budgets were being put together. Nobody would have predicted, that 12 months later, we’d be encouraging social distancing, advocating hand washing so regularly and avoiding contact with one and other quite as we are doing now. So how can you budget for something as unforeseen as this? The answer for most, is that you can’t.Read More

Helping PC-DMIS Users Work ‘Smartly’ From Home and at no Extra Cost!

We’re excited to announce, that our partner’s at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, are providing free access to the latest version of PC-DMIS offline. To claim your entirely free of charge 90 day licence simply complete the form within this link.

This offer includes free licensing, remote access options and online training to help manufacturing professionals, remain productive while working from home.

Currently available to download until 30 June 2020.

For more, details please contact Status Metrology on 0115 939 2228 or

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Status Metrology – Statement on COVID-19: March 2020

At Status Metrology we support, maintain and provide CMM measurement services through our own machines and that of our clients. These machines are vital in ensuring that manufactured and engineered components and parts are dimensionally correct. Our clients operate in diverse sectors, such as medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, defence, automotive, prototyping to name just a few.

The health, wellbeing and safety of our staff, suppliers, customers along with their respective families is our number one priority.

During these unprecedented times, we are monitoring developments on an hour by hour basis. We are providing guidance, support and advice to our colleagues on the COVID-19 virus. We have given our team the option of working from home, where possible, and we are actively following the World Health Organisation, Government and local medical authorities advice, guidance and updates.

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CMM Training Delivered By The Experts

Have you recently purchased or upgraded a CMM machine at your business? Have you employed new members of staff? If you’re looking for a metrology expert that provides PC-DMIS training, look no further. 

Status Metrology training facility - Sandiacre, Nottingham

Status offers a range of PC-DMIS training courses for individuals who are completely new to the CMM industry, or operators looking to advance their career and improve their knowledge of CMMs. All courses provided by Status are practical courses, allowing participants full use of a CMM machine. 

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CMM Servicing and Maintenance Checklist

Do you know what you checks you should be performing on your CMM machine on a regular basis to ensure it is working at its full capacity? We’ve put together a checklist for you to refer back to should you need it.

CMM Servicing and Maintenance Checklist by Status Metrology

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The Winning Partnership for CMM Retrofitting

Status are proud to be an approved UK supply partner for Hexagon MI, who create some of the most advanced software applications including PC-DMIS, and computer-aided measurement devices. 

Our very own Richard Newhouse, Sales & Marketing Director, delves deeper into how we utilise Hexagon controllers and software to breathe new life into obsolete, unsupportable technology. Take a closer look by watching the video below…

Want to completely transform your old or outdated CMM machine? Get in touch with us today on 0115 939 2228 or email